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Bucură-te. Domnul a înviat!

Title: Bucură-te. Domnul a înviat! 14x17" on Strathmore 300 Bristol paper Polychromos, Pablo, Prismacolor and Luminance colored pencils Reference: My photo

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art tea service draped in red

Draped Tea Service

This portrait is 15x22" and comes framed to an expanded dimension 20x27". It was done with light-fast artist grade colored pencils on high quality Stonehenge paper. This piece was also featured in the October, 2016 issue of Ann Kullberg's "Color" magazine.

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Purple Iris’

This is a 12x16" watercolor done on 140pd Arche CP watercolor paper and painted with Mission watercolors. The photo that the piece is based on was taken by watercolor artist Terry Kryzac. I can mount this piece on foam backboard for free if requested

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Supercharged 1931 Ford Coupe

Supercharged 1931 Ford Coupe

This is a 14x11" colored pencil piece done on Strathmore 500 bristol paper of a photo taken by professional photographer Judy Parsons Smith. The original is listed for sale without frame.

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art  Josies portrait

“Ms Josie”

This portrait is 11x14" and was done with light-fast artist grade colored pencils on high quality Stonehenge paper.

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This is an 11x14" colored pencil on vellum paper. It comes unframed and mounted on a foam backboard.

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“Abby and Romeo”

This piece was done in premium artist grade colored pencil on suede mat-board. It measures 11x14" and received "Noteworthy Mention" in the Colors of Humanity Art gallery 2016 on-line impaneled jury art exhibition. It was selected among 127 entries from 23 states and 11 countries. It was also featured in the February 2016 edition of Ann Kullberg's "Colored Pencil Magazine" and appears in her new book "CP Treasures Vol. 4" . "Abby and Romeo"  was also selected among the top ten pieces in the 2016 Light, Space and Time, On-line Art gallery's Animal Art Exhibition and received  "Honorable Mention" [Painting and Other Category].  The gallery received 900 entries from 24 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. In addition, the gallery received entries from 42 different states.   The subject was provided by fellow artist Janine Meister.

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“Tiger in the Sunderban Delta”

This piece was done in  premium artist grade colored pencil on white suede mat-board.  It is 11x14" and comes unframed. It also won "Honorable Mention" in the 2015 Animal Art Exhibition sponsored by the Light, Space and Time On-line Art Gallery.  The exhibition included submissions from 724 total entries from 39 different states and 22 different countries from around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, St. Maarten, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.  

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This piece won Second Place in the Fusion Art Gallery’s 2015 international on-line jury impaneled “Animal Kingdom” art exhibition. This show and competition was among outstanding entries from 23 states and 11 countries. It is an 11x14" piece done in premium artist grade colored pencil on suede mat-board. Please see the posted results of this award at

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About the Artist

David K Hoque


     I am a professional fine artist who specializes in rendering realistic art pieces in colored pencil, graphite and watercolor. I was borne in Monterey, California on April 8th, 1961 and grew up in a military family.  I was first formally recognized for my talent at the age of 16 when I received a National Golden Key Award for a block print I did while in middle school while my family was stationed in Hawaii.

     I’m primarily a self-taught artist but have formal training in advanced art classes I took in high school. I also received formal training with internationally recognized artists such as Cynthia Knox, David Jamieson and Gemma Seufferlein Gylling.  Some of my favorite artists growing up were Andrew Wyeth, Thomas Hart Benton, Frank Frazetta, and Rembrandt. I also enjoy studies in hyper-realism by Emanuele Dascanio and other superb colored pencil work by artists such as Cecile Baird. I enjoy all art produced at any skill level as long as it’s produced from the heart.  Although I enjoy the study of realism in art, I also enjoy abstract art and impressionism.  

     I served this country in the US Army for 21 years and retired honorably in 2000. I have lived in and traveled to many countries and have gained a unique perspective as it applies to my art.  Since then I have enjoyed a personal artistic renascence and have won awards in several exhibitions with the Fusion Art Gallery, the Light, Space and Time Art Gallery, and Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. I also have had several pieces published in Ann Kullberg’s monthly colored pencil magazine “Color” and had a piece published (with narrative) in her “CP Treasures Vol IV” colored pencil book. I’ve had a watercolor piece published on the cover of the 2nd Armor Cavalry Regiment’s “Thoroughbred” magazine and have a tutorial being published in “Color Pencil Magazine” in the Spring of 2017. I am also a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and had a piece juried-in to show at their annual prestigious colored pencil exhibition in 2016, the first year I joined as a member earlier that same year.   

     Although I do some human and pet portraiture on commission, I primarily enjoy exploring and studying my own subjects in my artistic journey.  I also sometimes donate pieces to worthy causes or people in need or suffering hardship. I consider my talent a gift from God and it’s my way of giving back to honor that gift.

     My ambitions include becoming a signature member in the CPSA and continuing to work on becoming a nationally recognized master in my primary medium of colored pencil. I am also interested in becoming a member in the “International Guild of Realism”.  I enjoy the study of producing pieces that push colored pencil to its limits in realism.  My approach is to master the technical skills required to produce realistic art pieces while choosing interesting subjects, and applying dramatic hue, contrasts in tone, and dimension. Combining and applying these skills and tenets has allowed me to render pieces that are thought provoking and interesting as well as technically accurate and realistic. I have a heavy hand and draw in bold but precise contours and rich hues. I also study subjects exploring the interesting contrasts between light and dark tones, as well as  studying and creating pieces with reflection, still life, the animal world and human portraiture as my prime subjects.  

     I am currently a magistrate and work for the Commonwealth of Virginia and plan to work in that occupation for at least 8 more years. After I retire my wife Lorie and I plan to dedicate the rest of our lives to our granddaughter Josie, travel and to share my personal study of colored pencil and watercolor with the world.


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Avialible for prints and other products.  See the “Prints” tab below. 


 “Jon,  Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry”


This piece is available for prints and other products. See “Prints” below and tab the link.  


“Marisa’s Nephews”


This piece is available for prints and other products. See “Prints” below and tab the link


‘Edmund Ruffin Fire Eaters Color Guard 2016’


This piece was done for a donation to the “Virginia Flaggers” Confederate Heritage Organization based in Richmond, Virginia.  It is available for prints and other products by clicking the “Prints” link below.  


“A Splash of Color and Harness”


This piece was selected by a jury to appear in the Colored Pencil Society of America’s 2016 Annual Exhibition in Tacoma, Washington. It also won “3rd Place” in the Fusion Art Gallery’s 2016, 2nd Annual “Artist’s Choice” International Juried Art Exhibition on Phoenix, Arizona.  This piece is not for sale but is available for prints and other products.  See the “Prints” link below.   




Avialible for prints and other products.  See the “Prints” tab below.